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Temporary Assignments

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Temporary assignments from San Diego Dental Personnel Service are an exciting way to experience different offices, build confidence and see what the local dental community has to offer.  We are here to support you so that every assignment, regardless of its length is successful!

Tips for Temps

Download the SDDPS Team App
Download the SDDPS Team App and create your profile. You are required to use the App for each temporary or working interview assignment. You will track your pay dates, check in and have access to COVID-19 resources and information. It is acceptable to check in with the app, a personnel coordinator, leave a voicemail at the office, or email. When you check in, we place you on the priority call list. Any time your availability changes, let us know so we can keep your status updated.
Sporadic and Occasional Availability
If your regular office is slow, closes for vacation or cancels your day, check in with us for last minute positions. We regularly have emergency and same day assignments.
What do I need to take to a temporary assignment or working interview?
Required for everyone: ID for completing the I-9. Please click for a complete list of acceptable documents to bring with you.
Required for all clinical: CPR, x-ray, and pocket ID (if applicable)
Required for DDS:  Declaration page of malpractice, DEA, (NPI if applicable)
What do I do after you give me an assignment?
San Diego Dental Personnel Service will confirm your assignment with the employer, usually within 5 minutes.  We then request that you call the office to introduce yourself, get exact directions, inquire about parking, reconfirm the start time, and ask about the office dress policy.
What do I wear for temporary assignments?
At San Diego Dental Personnel Service, we require that you arrive to your assignment with a professional image that says you are patient focused and ready for work. If a dress policy is vague or not stated, we suggest solid color scrubs in a dark or a conservative color-freshly pressed and wrinkle free, minimal jewelry, hair tied back, modest make up if worn, neat manicure with no bright polish and no scented lotions, perfume, body wash, etc. Shoes should be professional, clean and cover the foot.  Front office positions may wear business attire.  Not acceptable for any position:  Jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, capri pants, short skirts, athletic wear or sandals.
How do I keep track of my temporary assignments?
For tax and referral purposes, it is important to keep accurate records of your temporary assignments and working interviews.  To assist with your record maintenance, we have posted the Time Sheet.  Complete this for each assignment and then print out and file for your records.  It is also a best practice to staple your pay stub to this form for easy payroll reconciliation at tax time.
I have an emergency preventing me from arriving to my assignment on time
When your services have been requested and you have accepted and been confirmed into an assignment, every effort needs to be made for you to be there and arrive on time.   If you will be delayed for any reason, your first and immediate call needs to be to San Diego Dental Personnel Service @ 619-464-5655.  If it is after hours, you will be directed to a personnel coordinator on call. This is considered an emergency.  Do not call the dental office directly.  After consulting with you, we will contact the office.
Help! I am lost driving to my assignment
GPS and online directions occasionally lead you astray or in the wrong direction altogether! It is always best to get exact directions from the office when you call to introduce yourself after accepting the assignment. This minimizes the risk and stress of becoming lost. If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory or misdirected altogether, call SDDPS immediately before you wander too far off the main route. We will contact the office or try to get you going back in the right direction.
The office calls me directly, what do I do?
It is always preferable for an employer to request your services directly through San Diego Dental Personnel Service.  You do not have to give out your phone number. Many professionals assure the office they would love to return to them, but San Diego Dental Personnel Service needs to confirm prior to their acceptance. This method is preferred as it prevents double bookings, no shows and miscommunications.  Be certain to notify us immediately when you agree to return to an office.  We will confirm your assignment with the office and update your availability.