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Salaries and Values

At San Diego Dental Personnel Service, our business is built on the mutual success of both the client and employee. This is why all salaries are individually negotiated.  A personnel coordinator is always available to discuss your specific situation and provide you with insight to current market trends.

Temporary Salaries
A personnel coordinator will discuss, negotiate and set temporary wages with an applicant during the interview. Temporary salaries are determined in advance to accepting an assignment.  Experience, variety of skill level and references are taken into consideration when determining salary range.   The employing dental office pays the temporary employee directly.

Working Interviews
The applicant’s temporary rate is the standard pay rate for working interviews.

Permanent Wages
All permanent and benefit packages are individually evaluated and negotiated between the employer and employee. A permanent wage maybe be different and negotiated separately from the temporary wage.   We always refer applicants within their negotiating range discussed during the interview or reactivation appointment.

Employee or Independent Contractor
Temporary candidates are classified as employees and not independent contractors. Federal and state laws are very specific on this classification, as is the Dental Practice Act. The “Under $600 exemption” is not valid for paying any dental employee because this applies only to qualified independent contractors.  For more information on proper classification, the topic of independent contractors or the $600.00 rule, we recommend this link from the IRS

Paying the Temporary Employee
The employing dental office is responsible to pay the temporary employee in compliance with all state and federal laws.