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Permanent Referrals

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Job Profile
Your personnel coordinator will take a detailed profile for the position we will be recruiting for. During this initial consultation, we will discuss your vision, the candidate’s role with your team, anticipated experience level, skills, work environment and conditions unique to your business.

Accepting Candidates
After we have qualified a candidate as interested and eligible for your position, your personnel coordinator will phone to discuss their history, skills and goals. We want to refer only qualified candidates whose skill set, experience base, professional direction and salary expectations are within your negotiating range.

Confidentiality and Professionalism
We understand each employer is different and may have a pre-determined standard or policy for hiring employees. We offer flexibility in working with your practice. Occasionally an employer must make a hiring decision surrounded in confidentiality. We are skilled and experienced in these situations.

Interviews and working interviews
Some employers prefer to go with a working interview then follow up with a formal interview to discuss the employment opportunity with the candidate. Others, prefer to personally meet with a candidate prior to bringing them in for a working interview. At San Diego Dental Personnel Service we view this as a personal or professional preference and have seen equal success with both practices.

Temporary to permanent
This option is a popular choice during uncertain economic environments, or when you are growing your practice. Many employers find success in using long term temporaries to avoid over staffing.

The San Diego Dental Personnel Service Guarantee
Our permanent referrals are guaranteed and our guarantee exceeds the industry standard. Even with our generous probation period of 90 days, on rare occasions, a permanent referral just doesn’t last. We are prompt to make an adjustment and will work diligently with you to replace the position.