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Who We Are

First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you. Your commitment makes all the difference during the current pandemic. Managing added family responsibilities, navigating uncertain economic times, returning to work, whether it is your familiar home office, a new home office, or a temporary assignment, suddenly becomes different and uncharted, leading to feelings of stress or anxiousness.

We want to reassure you, our San Diego Dental Personnel Service Team commitment, is to provide you with the most informed and safest employment referrals. This is our highest priority. San Diego Dental Personnel Service shares a unique and special responsibility with our temporary work force and their families. We advocate for your individual safety, your coworkers and that of your patients. We verify PPE, screenings and procedures for each and every office. We are committed to keeping you, the front line workers, safe.
Together, we will share positivity and successes.
Together, we are a safer dental community providing essential services.
Together, we are stronger and a part of the solution.

Here at SDDPS, we never stopped making employment referrals. Patients still had toothaches, accidents happened and surgeries were still necessary. Many regular staff members were unable to provide assistance to their home offices. We thank our dedicated and committed front line workers for stepping up and providing necessary emergency services.

The pandemic has posed unprecedented personal and professional challenges in addition to unique ethical questions. We recognize these difficulties and are adapting, along with you, to this new and evolving normal. We hold tight to our values and ethics during this crises, always striving to exceed expectations.

Every day I am inspired and encouraged by our dental community. Your devotion to working safely and stopping the spread of the virus is key to moving forward. As many local dental offices are safely resuming routine and elective procedures, we would like to remind you, the San Diego Dental Personnel Service Team dedication is steadfast and consistent.

We will get through this.
Safely and Together.


AlisonAlison founded San Diego Dental Personnel Service in 1986, to be the leader in dental employment referral. “At the time, I was working as a RDA. My dentist was very supportive, and believed in the concept of this new business. In the very early days, I was able to continue working part time for him and get San Diego Dental Personnel Service started.” Alison’s vision remains, to provide the most comprehensive and quality focused referrals to both employers and employees.    Since its inception, SDDPS, LLC has had an established reputation for consistent excellence in temporary, emergency, temp to perm, and permanent referrals“I love the challenge of this business! Each office, every applicant, has unique requirements. I’m so proud of how we have grown and developed throughout the years, continually implementing more resourceful ways to serve the dental community!”

Fun Fact: Alison’s first car was a 1959 Cadillac!  It was pink with wings and a lot of chrome!  “I love the adventure of traveling to new destinations and exploring their culture, museums and food, but my peace comes when returning to the calm retreat of home with my husband, horse, dogs, chickens, vegetable garden and fruit trees.”


Jinnifer “There is nothing I enjoy more than getting that excited phone call when someone thanks me because they just got hired into their dream job!”  Jennifer believes San Diego Dental Personnel Service has the best applicants and clients and has a deep and genuine desire to see them succeed professionally.  She is committed to leading SDDPS, LLC into the future with integrity and professional referrals benefiting both employees and employers. Jennifer joined SDDPS, LLC in 2003 after a successful career working in general and specialty dental practices as an office manager.  Beginning in 2018, Jennifer  has become Vice-Present of SDDPS, LLC. Staying current and ahead of dental employment trends has been a trademark of our service since its inception,and Jennifer has a proven record of attaining these goals.

Fun Fact: “I decompress by relaxing with my favorite weimaraner!   I’m a softy for all dogs and puppies, but especially weimaraners.” On date night Jennifer can be found with her husband at their favorite restaurant or on a leisurely walk around the lake.  “I also love a good cheese board!  It is the way to my heart!”

Personnel Coordinator

MelindaJones8x10“I don’t want to settle for good referrals, I try to make each referral the best for both the client and the applicant by listening and getting to know what they really need!”    Melinda has a drive to deliver excellence in all she does. Mediocracy is not in her vocabulary!  She graduated from Knox College with a Bachelor’s of Science in history and a minor in business .  Being able to work independently, yet collaborate with the SDDPS, LLC team allows Melinda to be inspired to recruit applicants and search out equitable employment solutions.

Fun Fact: As a student and world traveler, Melinda studied abroad in Egypt, India, China and South Korea.  After graduation, she returned to Seoul, South Korea for a year. “I rejuvenate by camping and hiking in the mountains with my husband.  We also explore historical destinations  when we can. “