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How We Make A Difference

Welcome to the San Diego Dental Personnel Service Difference!

We are proud to be the leader in employment referral.  Over the last 35 years we have revolutionized the referral industry.  Our brand of success continues to grow and develop as we unite professionals committed to providing the highest level of care and business support.

A great agency will be a partner and a knowledgeable resource in your employment referral process. The staff at San Diego Dental Personnel Service has the ability to offer creative solutions to individual and complex situations.

Our clients include:  Private practices, groups practices, cosmetic focused and family dentists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontic and orthodontic offices, pedodontic practices, and public health facilities!  Larger clinics, small traditional, high tech, state of the art, spa, holistic and just getting off the ground start up practices!

Our candidate base is equally as wide and diverse with each applicant bringing unique and expansive clinical, professional and educational experiences and backgrounds.

Best Business Practices

We have been exclusively using San Diego Dental Personnel Service for the past 10 years. Jennifer, Melinda & Alison are people you can count on. They personally interview all the people that they send out to the office.

They have an amazing understanding of what we are looking for, both in the front office and in our hygiene department. Over the years we have hired a number of the hygienists who have come to us thru San Diego Dental Personnel Service. We still have some of them on staff! We also found our administrative assistant about 6 years ago with their help. I have had to call them late at night or first thing in the morning & they have come through for us.

They are ALWAYS ready & willing to help us with anything we might need whether it is to fill a temporary or a permanent position. This is a company that conducts itself with the utmost honesty & integrity. They are VERY customer-oriented but it is also evident that they care about the people they are seeking to help find employment. I cannot say enough wonderful things about San Diego Dental Personnel Service.

Debi L./Office Manager for Edward K. Holly, D.D.S.

The San Diego Dental Personnel Service Result

With 30 years of experience in dentistry under my belt, I’ve worked with a few agencies in my time. So why do I only use San Diego Dental Personnel Service?

1. While other agencies come and go, SDDPS is always solid as a rock. With years of established contacts, when looking for both, qualified candidates and when looking for quality employment, I trust them, and know they only work with the very best.

2. SDDPS is not in the business of “placing people.” Instead, they connect people who are searching for that special person who will complement their practice, the missing piece of the puzzle, the perfect fit.

3. They help qualified people find a place of employment where they will be valued and appreciated. In short, they help people find that place they call “career home.”

4. Most importantly, SDDPS will, without doubt, always have your best interest at heart. That is what makes them the best. That’s why I only do business with the great people at San Diego Dental Personnel Service.

Deanne M. Sesma