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Becoming Established with San Diego Dental Personnel Service

Becoming Established with San Diego Dental Personnel ServiceTemporary ReferralsPermanent Referrals

Four important questions to know, before you consider an agency to represent your business

  1. How long have they been in the dental recruitment business?
    Experience does count! San Diego Dental Personnel Service has over 31 years of local, professional recruiting and referral experience.
  2. Do they have a business office, staffed, and with regular hours in which to meet with applicants and be responsive to your needs?
    San Diego Dental Personnel is staffed between 7am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 7am-4pm on Fridays. A personnel coordinator is on call for you after-hours and for next day emergencies.
  3. Are they a listing service or do they strategically refer?
    When San Diego Dental Personnel Service makes a referral to your practice, we have taken into consideration your requests, preferences and specific needs. We don’t blast out your request and hope someone responds.
  4.  How will they be certain the candidates they send out are compatible for your practice?
    At San Diego Dental Personnel Service, we recruit dental professionals, meet with them personally, conduct a structured interview, assess their qualifications, employment goals, verify former employment, licensure and speak with references   –all before we make a referral to your practice.