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The following list is a summary of permitted RDA, RDAEF, RDAEFII allowable functions. For a complete and comprehensive list, please refer to the Dental Practice Act beginning with Business and Professions Code Section 1740-1777 which also includes information on the oral sedation permit and orthodontic permit.

RDA Functions:

  • Place bases, liners, and bonding agents
  • All temporaries-place, adjust, and finish
  • Fabricate, adjust, cement and remove all temporary “indirect” restorations
  • Place post-extraction dressings
  • Place periodontal dressings
  • Dry canals with paper points
  • Adjust dentures extraorally
  • Remove excess cement
  • Coronal polish & Place Sealants –for licenses after Jan 2010
  • Place ligature ties and archwires
  • Remove orthodontic bands

RDAEF Functions:

General Supervision:

  • All RDA duties including sealants

Direct Supervision:

  • Place retraction cord
  • Secondary impressions for crown and bridge
  • Trial fit Gutta Percha points
  • Impressions for orthodontic appliances
  • Custom post

RDAEF II Functions:

General Supervision:

  • All RDA duties & RDAEF duties

Direct Supervision:

  • Patient assessment (Preliminary exam)
  • Perform oral health assessments in community health projects and schools
  • Cord retraction
  • Size and fit Gutta Percha (place & cement)
  • Take secondary impressions for all permanent indirect restorations (including inlays/onlays)
  • Take final impressions for “partial” dentures
  • Polish and contour existing amalgam restorations
  • Place, contour, finish and adjust all permanent fillings
  • Adjust and cement all permanent indirect restorations including, crowns, bridges, & veneers